What is I Wood Like?

Iwoodlike.com is Australia’s leading woodworking machinery supply company. Our business is truly unique, we not only supply luxury new and used woodworking machinery, we are also your online reference site for all things woodworking.

We cover a range of topics, including;

  • Woodworking tips and tricks
  • Upcoming exhibitions and shows
  • Product news and reviews.
  • Articles on your fellow woodworkers
  • Unique projects, designs and plans

Put simply, we are a unique online resource designed to get you inspired.

Our background is in supplying high capacity production lines such as the sliding table saw machine to the manufacturing industry. However the lure of the spending time in the workshop, making one off, bespoke items proved too much for us. We are self confessed woodworkers who would much rather be in the workshop than at our desks.

So we went looking for a place where we could get our woodworking fix.

Somewhere that wasn’t just a ‘supply’ company. Somewhere where we could watch the video, read the article, find the product review – then get our hands on the products used.

Finding nowhere like this, we created iwoodlike.com.

We launched in late 2013, with little fanfare, focussing on great value, reliable machinery and equipment. Since our launch we have sold hundreds of European MiniMax machines and table saws. As our product range continues to grow, so does our continually expanding list of videos and ‘how to’ guides.

Whats in it for you?

Over the years we’ve seen so many workshops and talked to so many woodworkers, the we realised we all face the same hurdles:

  1. Woodworkers are busy people.

Life, jobs, family – what we don’t want is overly complicated machines or workshops that are hard to use. We need to get the best value out of our time in the workshop

  1. We all have financial constraints.

Hobbies are important, but they can be expensive. We need to find ways to make our woodworking affordable.

  1. We are concerned about our skill level.

We are concerned we don’t have the required skills or training to get the most out of the machines we purchase.

So that’s where we fit in….

Our machines are customised to suit Australian woodworkers, both to the species of timbers we predominantly use, and to the way we make things. Our machines give you the ability to purchase rough sawn timber direct from the mill. This means you save significant amounts on every project you make. Our videos show you how to unpack, assemble and use your new machine – to ensure you get the best return on your investment.

The end result is your workshop is an even more enjoyable place to be. People who try our products become lifelong fans.

‘Thank you for all of your help, I am very happy with my new saw. It replaces my Taiwanese saw that I have had for 6 years. Not only do I now feel safer, but the build quality is much better. The instructions were clear and illustrations were in colour. Setup was extremely easy.

I made my first cut a few nights ago and was amazed by the dust extraction system, I am no longer covered in dust whenever I cut.

Thanks again for going above and beyond’ Steven – Windsor (QLD)

What is iwoodlike.com about?

Put simply, we are about connecting people. We believe there is an incredibly strong relationship between craftsmanship and a healthy, connected lifestyle.

Doing things we enjoy, whether it be woodworking, DIY, cooking or whatever hobby you choose, is proven to lead to stronger relationships and better health.

We also believe relationships and health are two areas that men are not always great at.

There is great personal satisfaction in being able to say ‘I made this’. Even better is to be able to stand in front of someone who means a lot to you, look them in the eye and say ‘I made this for you’

We have found that in many cases, a lot of woodworking projects were designed as ‘legacy’ pieces. Pieces that connect one generation to the next.

Over the years, we’ve worked with:

  • A Grandfather who makes teddy bear shaped rocking chairs for his Grandchildren,
  • Numerous owner builders looking to fitout their house builds and extensions in a personalised manner – creating a true family home.
  • A Grandmother gifting her Granddaughter with a Star of David shaped jewellery box made from timber sleepers sourced from the train lines of European concentration camps.

Whether its via tools, machinery, videos, articles or our newsletter – iwoodlike helps you to make these types of connections.