MiniMax Combination Machines

We’ve collated the best of the best info from our site and put it into one easy to find location.  If you’re looking for info on the MiniMax range of 4 in 1 combinations machines or the planer/thicknessers this is where you’ll find it.

Made by a host of experts, these video’s cover a wide variety of topics, including assembly, setup and how to use.

Should I buy a combination machine or stand alone woodworking machine

Whats better, combination machines or stand alone? Its one of the most common questions we get, however there is no definitive answer, as everyone has different needs.  This video shows you one persons thought process in making that decision.

How to get your new machine home

How to go from our warehouse to your workshop.  You’ve decided which machine you want – now you need to figure out how to get it into your workshop.  We’ve got machines from 40kg’s through to over 500kg’s, so getting it home may take some planning.  Here’s some great solutions if you’re looking at some of our larger machines.

Xylent Spiral Cutterblock System

The MiniMax Xylent spiral cutterblock system uses rows of square cutter knives that are positioned within close proximity to each other –  spiraling around the cutter block.

Each knife has four cutting edges and can be rotated as one edge dulls. The spiral design of the Xylent system means that the knife will shear the timber rather than cut directly on it. The benefits of this system include a better quality of cut, reduced noise emission, improved shaving extraction and less working load on the machine motor.

How to straighten timber on your MiniMax combination machine

How to straighten timber.  One of the advantages of a surfacer/thicknesser is the ability to purchase rough sawn timber – saving you a heap at the timberyard.  This video shows you some great techniques in how to get that timber straight on all four sides – including some great tricks and rules of thumb to follow.

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