Its the first time I have been in a classroom since 1992!

OK, so that may not strictly be true, however any courses or learning environments I have been in were lecture type, rather than practical.

This is the first ‘structured’ environment that focussed on a hands on, construction type lessons.

What are the benefits of woodworking?

Which has let to some interesting by products and benefits I wasn’t expecting.


Specifically, the satisfaction of building something with my own hands.

The ability to build and create something with your hands is becoming a bit of a lost art in today’s world.  To watch a piece of rough sawn timber become straight, dressed, assembled and into a working piece is a very self satisfying process.

Even more so when you can say “I made that”


I don’t get out in the workshop enough, my 9 to 5 role requires a lot of time on the phone and in the office.

Meaning this dedicated slab of 3 hours of my time a week is completely alien to what I normally do.

That’s what makes it so enjoyable.

I now find I look forward to Mondays, which is counter intuitive to everything I have felt about Mondays previous to starting wood working classes.  I know that I have my woodworking classes in the evening.

Health Benefits of woodworking

According the Australian Mens Shed Association, I may even be improving my health!

“Good health is based on many factors, including feeling good about yourself, being productive and valuable. Connecting to friends and maintaining an active body and an active mind” (You can read the full article on the Mens Shed Association website

Career advancement

A recent article on titled ‘Why having a hobby can help your career‘ states:

“It’s about finding a shared interest, building connections and a rapport with people.  That shared connection is great for interviews and networking.”  

All these traits are useful throughout our business lives, so ‘practicing’ them in a hobby environment serves to hone our skills in these areas.

I am not sure my accountant is going to let me take my woodworking class cost as a business tax deduction – but its an interesting argument.

Practical skills

One of the main benefits will only be seen in the future.

As mentioned in a previous article (being taken out of comfort zone) I am learning new skills in woodworking.

All of which will be reflected in the quality and finish of my future projects.

Definitely something to look forward to.


Keep making sawdust,