Sliding Tables – A Move In The Right Direction

Minimax sc4 elitePanel saws often take pride of place in the workshop, so it makes sense to ensure you are getting the most out of your machine. When you need accuracy and reliability for every single cut, a sliding table panel saw can consistently ensure a great finish. For woodworkers who need the ability to cut and build large pieces, nothing beats the stability and precision of a sliding table.

Increased Accuracy
Cutting on a traditional cabinet saw without a sliding table can be time consuming and imprecise, particularly when handling larger pieces. Eliminating the need for multiple setups when ripping and crosscutting, a sliding table not only gives you more efficient cutting, but consistently exact cutting using a squaring fence and reversible stops.

Increased Safety
Incorrect use of a cabinet panel saw can lead to injury, usually due to kickback. With a sliding table, the user no longer needs to lean over the table to push the material through for cutting, making for much safer operation of the saw.


When choosing a sliding table panel saw, look for one with a wide worktable for extra support of large panels and workpieces and a design that allows the loadings to be dispersed to distribute the panel weight evenly.

With a range of different sized sliding tables available on the market, there is sure to be one that will help to give your pieces the extra edge.

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