Your online reference site for all your woodworking.  This page contains links within this site, as well as external links to a lot of great resources.

We will continuously update this page with new resources, so make sure you bookmark it and check back regularly to see what’s new.

Industry groups, magazines, associations and courses:

Find a local woodworking group, join a club or read about other woodworkers.

Associations and Clubs

Magazines and Trade Shows

Woodworking Classes

Looking for inspiration?

Take a look at some of the websites of the I Wood Like partners.  Fantastic timber products manufactured using products and tools you see on this site.

Blogs and woodworking websites we like:

  • Stu’s Shed  A Melbourne based blogger featuring projects and workshop info.
  • Jord’s Woodshop  Based in Western Australia, Jordan has a weekly video series on youtube.
  • The  An Australian based instructional video series covering lots of different woodworking topics

Combination Machine setup and use:

See how to get the most from your combination machine.  Everything from ‘how to unpack your machine’ through to advanced machine operations are covered here

Table saw setup and use:

Assembly, setup and instructional videos on your table saw.

Bandsaw setup and use:

Under construction.  In the meantime, take a look at this great video produced by SCM North America.  Some of the specs are unique to their market, however it does give a great overview on the MiniMax heavy duty bandsaw range.